Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's Blog-Worthy?

I haven't done a blog post in a while because I've been torn about what to write in the blog.  I started the blog to keep my friends who are far away updated about my move and my life in a new city.  But now that some of the newness has worn off after 3 months, I've started to wonder about what belongs in a blog and what doesn't.  What is interesting to those who read the blog and what could be considered self-absorbed banter that would be of interest to no one?

So the question of what exactly is blog-worthy (definitely a word that is a rip-off of one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes in which Elaine must decide which men are sponge-worthy as she considers her diminishing supply of her favorite contraception, the sponge - see wikipedia)  is on my mind right now.  With most of the traumas of moving behind me, do I write about the great dinner I had last night or the fact that my shoulder hurts or who I had lunch with?  I think not.  Those are the everyday little things that you might discuss with someone at a face-to-face get together but are just not that interesting to write or to read. Yet, those little everyday details are what create a close relationship.  I really do like to know what my friends are doing that makes up their days.  Inevitably, when you lose that knowledge and the ability to understand how a person chooses to spend his or her time, you lose a certain level of familiarity that you once had.  On the other hand, if I write about that in the blog, it seems, well, pretty boring.

I watched the revolution in Egypt with great interest and awe.  It seemed amazing that in 18 days, mostly by peaceful means, we could see the toppling of a regime.  I wanted to blog about it, but thought twice before I did.  Just by the little that I read and watched, I was by no means an expert on Egyptian government.  Why did I feel qualified to blog about it and put my thoughts out in the universe?  So I didn't post anything.

My conflicted feelings about what is blog-worthy were emphasized when I read about a teacher who was fired for writing disparaging comments about her students (although she mentioned no names and didn't identify the school) on her personal blog.    Click here to read about her situation.   This raises lots of issues regarding what belongs in a personal blog and what does not.

If you who are reading this have the time to write a Comment, I would love to hear what you think does or does not belong in a blog; what you think is good reading and what is not; and what is just TMI (too much information).

Postscript to my post:

For those of you who last heard from me when I was virtually frozen in the tundra known as Denver, I am happy to report that the last week has been lovely and the snow (at least 95% of it) is gone.  It's been sunny, in the 60s, and downright spring-like.  Those who have been here a while, though, tell us not to be fooled.  That March is full of snow storms and those are usually the big ones.  So we shall see.

Second postscript to my post:

I am leaving on Sunday for a Japanese adventure with my lovely and talented daughter, Emily Shur.  I am tagging along as Emily takes pictures to finish up a personal project on Japan.  She's been there many times, but has no photos of Japanese winter.  So we head to the cold Japanese Alps.  We are staying in places that I've never heard of - Yudanaka, where we will commune with the snow monkeys as they bathe in the hot springs, and Kanazawa.  I return to Denver in the wee hours of February 28 in one of these weird time warp trips where we leave Japan on one day and get home on the previous day.  This trip will definitely fall into the blog-worthy category, but that may not happen until I am back in the U.S.A.  

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  1. For me it has much to do with how the post is written. Blogging in a way should be like good conversation.
    Have a great trip! Much looking forward to Emily's pictures.