Monday, February 28, 2011

Konichiwa from Denver

Tojinbo, Japan (Emily in foreground taking a much better photo)

I'm back in Denver after an interesting trip to Japan.  We went to places that Americans ordinarily don't go, so this made for some challenges, but mostly a trip to remember. This was my fourth trip to Japan but I don't think I've been in any locations before that were quite as remote (meaning non-Japanese just don't generally go there) before.  

Since I got home at about 2:00 a.m. last night (early Monday morning) after a day of intense traveling, I won't expound on the trip in this post.  I want to save the discussion for a day (hopefully soon) when I am fully functional and that is definitely not today.  

On our last day in Japan, at the suggestion of the hotel clerk, we set out after breakfast for Tojinbo on the Sea of Japan. It was a great suggestion as it's a beautiful spot. But the travel on this last day was daunting.  Starting with our trip to Tojinbo and ending at my apartment in Denver, I took a cab-train-bus-bus-train-cab-cab-bus-plane-bus-bus-plane-car-plane-car (I may have missed some mode of transport but you get the idea and this is actual, not exaggerated).  So it's not at all surprising that today I am addled with jet lag.

More to come soon on the trip - I promise.

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