Monday, January 31, 2011

One Month Down, Eleven To Go

It's hard for me to believe that the first month of 2011 is almost behind us.  It's a cold and snowy day today in Denver.  I've been surprised by the fact that this is not necessarily a typical winter day here.  While it is 9 degrees today, it was 69 degrees on Friday.  So the winter weather is extremely variable - it could feel like spring for a while and then, surprise, we're back to winter.

Knowing that January has come and gone, I'm disappointed that I haven't accomplished more this month.  Still no volunteer work lined up;  still no physical trainer or yoga classes scheduled;  still no puppy.  But, if I step back and cut myself some slack, January has been a pretty good month.  We're feeling more at home in Denver, our apartment is comfortable, and I've made a couple of nice friends.

As I look back at my new year's resolutions (, I've definitely started to make a life for myself here. Last Friday, a warm and sunny day, a friend took me to Boulder for lunch. We went to the Boulder Teahouse (, which is quite lovely, as seen above. On a day like Friday, I feel downright happy here and that feels good.  I've managed to rid myself of the sulkiness that I felt at the beginning and can picture a nice life here.  Now I just need to add some stuff that is more meaningful, like volunteer work, and force myself to do more.

At the risk of jinxing this just by writing about it, we have a contract on our house (another new year's resolution:  sell our house).  I'm hopeful that everything will fall into place, and we will no longer be Atlanta homeowners by April Fool's Day.

Now on to February when I will, once again, tackle my mental to-do list and hope to achieve more than just having lunch (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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