Monday, January 24, 2011

Does Anyone Else Think This Is Weird?

Moving to a new state requires that you get all new "people" - new dry cleaner, new hairdresser, new doctors, new everybody.  

Last week was time to try the new dentist.  I decided to try a dentist two blocks from our apartment who was listed as taking our dental insurance.  I guess I've only gone to twentieth-century dentists before, and as soon as I walked into this office, I realized this was definitely a twenty-first century experience.  Rather than 1980s wallpaper decor and golden oldies music, this place was bright colors, glass walls, large abstract paintings and Lady Gaga.  Instead of dusty artificial plants, there were cool sculptures in all the nooks and crannies.  It looked like a trendy restaurant, not a dental office.

Each dental chair had its own TV/computer monitor where you could not only see your favorite television show but your dental x-rays.  Then, for even more fun, the dentist has a little camera that he can put in your mouth and show you a close up of each tooth, from every angle imaginable,  and what is wrong with it.

After getting way more information on each tooth than I really wanted and having my teeth all cleaned and spiffed up, it was time to leave.  I was used to getting a little goody bag from all dentists I've ever been to with a new toothbrush, travel size toothpaste and, if I was really lucky, some floss.  I couldn't wait to see what the 21st century version of this would be.  I pictured some sort of space age toothbrush or battery-operated floss. 

Imagine my surprise when, instead of a little baggy, I was handed an envelope as a parting gift.  Inside the envelope, there was no toothbrush or anything tooth related. I received a $25 gift card to Fogo de Chao, an all-you-can-eat meat-o-palooza Brazilian steakhouse, that happens to be on the same block as the dentist.  Huh? Maybe the dentist is hoping I will crack a tooth gnawing on some bone.

Is it me or does anyone else think this is weird?

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