Monday, December 6, 2010

What No One Told Me

So no one told me that I needed to create a whole new skin regime when I moved to Denver.  Not that I really had a "skin regime" in the South.  My basic practice was to wash with whatever soap was on sale and hope for the best.  When that doesn't work, it's helpful to find a talented cosmetic surgeon.

I was told about the snow.  I was told about the cold.  I was told about the altitude.  But no one told me that my skin would start to crack like the San Andreas Fault.  Literally.  The top of my thumb now looks like a demilitarized zone.  To the east, is peeling skin, and to the west, dead skin.  In the middle, is a deep crack that feels like it looks - an open sore.  The sad part is I see other fingers joining the ranks, and I fear that I've already lost the battle.

So I'm starting to slather - a word I've never actually used before.  We have large bottles of lotions with pump tops in almost every room and run to them frequently for the nectar they deliver.  I've gone from no lotions to lotions for my face, my eyes, my lips, my hands, my feet, my body.  It's a sad state of affairs when the body I've known for all of these years starts to shrivel up right before my eyes.  In just a matter of weeks.  What will happen over the years?  I hate to think.

So, you who live in more humid climates, embrace that moisture and please send some my way.  Quickly.  Please.

Postscript to my first post:

I've waited to start the blog in the hope that I could make it look great and creative.  But, alas, I forgot about all of the other stuff that needed to get done after a substantial move.  And I also forgot how technically challenged I can be and how my IT Guy (a/k/a Barry) would be too busy with a new job, new location and new life to help me right now.  So rather than wait until I am an old timer in Denver, I'm launching anyway, without a worry as to how the blog looks right now.  Maybe someday, when my skin is soft and supple and I have time to fool around on the computer, but until then . . .

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  1. Argh! I don't mind the cold, but I do mind the super dry air in our home during the winter months. Steam heat is a skin-killer. Like you I wish for some humidity!
    BTW, very excited about your blog :)