Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Ugg or Not To Ugg

Before I moved to Colorado, I couldn't understand why anyone would buy Uggs.  They are not attractive and yet so popular.  It was one of those great unknowns that I didn't spend a lot of time pondering, but it was a source of confusion to me.

Since I actually moved to Denver without owning a pair of boots, I went shopping for a pair as soon as I got here (yes, even before we moved into our apartment).  Having lived in a warm climate since 1984, I was totally clueless about what I should look for in a boot.  I really didn't know what features were required.  But, since it was November, I feared that snow, sleet and ice were just around the corner and I needed to be ready.

Cherry Creek Mall was awash in Uggs.  Every store seemed to sell them, and they appeared to be on every shopper's feet.  I promised myself that I would leave with something stylish, i.e., not Uggs.

After doing a once-around surveillance of the entire mall, I finally got the courage to enter a shoe store, spilled my guts to the saleslady about my ignorance of all things boot-related, and asked to try on some boots.  Of course, she brought out some Uggs, and the customer near me waxed poetic about how much she loved her Uggs and would wear nothing else.  

As I started to try on the first pair, the saleslady told me that Uggs are meant to be worn without socks.  What?   Do you mean that you wear them like fuzzy slippers out into the cold, cruel world?    Hmmmm.  This required some thought.  I wasn't ready to commit and left the store without a purchase.  

I headed back to Nordstrom and told my sad bootless story to a shoe salesman there.  Of course, he said I needed a pair of Uggs.  He brought some out and told me they are meant to be worn without socks (so the other saleslady wasn't just kidding me - it was actually true).  I have to admit that putting them on, they were the footwear equivalent of a well-loved teddy bear:  soft, fuzzy, warm and comforting.  

Now the confessional:  yes, I bought a pair.  They are black and short, so they sort of blend in, but I still think they're ugly.  After all, they are named Uggs.  I've been wearing them for about a month now and have to tell you, no matter how they look, they really are the equivalent of wearing fuzzy slippers outside and, right now, I need that teddy bear comforting, even on my feet.  

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