Monday, March 7, 2011

Frozen Dead Guy Days

Official Guide and Commemorative Glass of Frozen Dead Guy Days 2011

We attended an interesting event this weekend in Nederland, Colorado - Frozen Dead Guy Days - not your run of the mill festival.  It was fun.  Barry and I went with my friend Todd and his daughter.

The story, in a very summarized form, is that this Norwegian man wound up dead in a Tuff Shed in Nederland about 21 years ago, staying with his daughter and grandson. The living members of the family had immigration issues and had to go back to Norway, but Grandpa remained in the Tuff Shed.  Now local volunteers deliver 1600 pounds of dry ice every month and pack it around Grandpa in his Tuff Shed, keeping him at a steady -60°F.

They have been doing the Frozen Dead Guy Days (FDGD) for 10 years now.  FDGD got started when local filmmakers made 2 documentaries titled:  "Grandpa's in the Tuff Shed" and "Grandpa's Still in the Tuff Shed."  These filmmakers were the Grand Marshals of the Parade of Hearses.  What more do you need to know?

We skipped such festival events as Cryogenics for Kids, Icy Turkey Bowling, and actually viewing Grandpa in the Tuff Shed.  But we did enjoy the Parade of Hearses, Polar Plunge, and, most importantly, the Coffin Races.  Ironically, the coffin race teams that were totally untogether were the most fun to watch.  They all had team themes, such as Gangrene, GaGa GoGo, Bieber Fever, as well as decorations and costumes. One person has to remain in the coffin while the "pallbearers" go through a designated course.  This was quite entertaining to watch.

One of the hearses in The Parade of Hearses

Coffin Races

Todd is already busily planning a Sperm Whisperer (in honor of Barry) coffin race team for next year.  Think of the possibilities.

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