Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Fair Weather Fan

I've always considered myself fortunate that I am married to a guy who doesn't watch sports, because it's not something that usually interests me.  So many men are obsessed with sports viewing, including my father as I was growing up.  Every night and all weekend, he would sit in "his" chair and watch whatever sports were being broadcast on the only television in the house.  If the game wasn't televised, he'd listen to it on the radio.  He was a particularly big fan of the NY Mets and the NY Giants.  The constant background clatter of sports throughout  my childhood and teen years turned me agains the whole idea.

In my adult life, we've moved so many times that it's hard to pick a team and stay with it.  So we generally maintain a mild passing interest in how the local teams, whichever they may be, are doing.  But occasionally, and only when they are doing exceptionally well (because let's be real here - winning is ALWAYS more fun than losing), we may actually watch a game and may actually care who wins said game.  This has happened here and now with the Denver Broncos as they get ready to go to the Super Bowl.

I would definitely classify myself as a fair weather fan, not the type of fan who is there, win or lose, for my team.  I became interested in the Broncos because of Peyton Manning, team quarterback.  He has such a good back story - he was an outstanding quarterback for Indianapolis for many years, but was injured a couple of years ago.  He had four neck surgeries and was out of football for two years while he recovered.  His old team didn't want him any more so he became the Broncos quarterback for the last two years.  Amazingly, at the ripe old age (for football) of 37, he's had his best year ever and has broken dozens of football records.  With a story like that and everyone in Denver talking about Peyton and the Broncos, I couldn't resist watching him play.  I have to admit that when he throws and a receiver catches, it's a thing of beauty.

A couple of months ago, my daughter came to Denver to photograph Peyton.  When I mentioned this, it was as if she were taking the Pope's picture.  People here are crazy about him.  Just walking down the street in Denver, you can find at least half of the people you pass wearing an orange shirt with number 18 - Peyton's number - on it.  I thought, as a joke (because I knew he would never wear it), I would buy Barry a #18 shirt, until I saw the price - $99.99.  Never mind.  Yet, it seems like just about everyone in Denver has one.

These photos were taken within two minutes of  each other to show that I'm not exaggerating about how many people wear Peyton Manning shirts in Denver.

So we are "United in Orange" as the Broncos head to my home state of New Jersey for the Super Bowl.  Hopefully, we are afflicted with a very temporary ailment and will go back to not caring at all about sports in about two weeks.

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