Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Little Old Lady from (South) Pasadena

View from South Pas House

It's official.  We closed on our retirement house in South Pasadena last week. Unfortunately, we won't actually be living there until Barry retires from his Denver job, but I can now see my future as The Little Old Lady from (South) Pasadena.

For those of you too young to remember it or for those of you too old to remember the classic lyrics, take a listen to this 1964 Beach Boys song with a click here.  Back in the day, I was never a big Beach Boys fan - they seemed too clean cut to me and that California sound was way too far away for this Jersey girl.  In 1964, I was entranced with the Beatles, the British invasion of music, and the R & B sounds that were the soundtrack for my childhood.  But somehow the Beach Boys' songs and lyrics have stuck with me, and I still remember their big hits.  I could never have imagined then that I'd be living in so many places all over the country and that I'd wind up actually being that little old lady.

So the lyrics go:  ". . . and everybody's sayin' there's nobody meaner than the little old lady from Pasadena . . ."  That would be me.

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